This is Fine dog: the story behind the dog meme

This is Fine dog: the story behind the dog meme

This is Fine dog

Unless you have been living under an internet rock, you have probably heard about the This is Fine dog. In simple words, it is a comic strip of an anthropomorphic dog convincing himself that everything will be fine despite being in a room engulfed in flames. So, you have a cartoon of a dog talking trying to stay positive amidst adverse situations. This is definitively meme material.

The story behind the “This is Fine” dog

The meme known as the This is Fine dog that is widely used on the internet is actually the two-pane image of the dog. It was taken from an issue of the webcomic series called Gunshow created by K.C. Green and published in 2013. The strip is a reaction image that delivers a sense of acceptance or self-denial in the face of imminent adversity. 

The comic was originally posted on January 9th, 2013 under the title “The Pills are Working“, or “On Fire“. This is not the first time Greene’s drawings are used for a meme. He also started Staredad, Dickbutt, I’m Okay with This, and Mother of God.  The comic is a depiction of a dog inside a room burning in flames. This dog remains calm, even as he slowly melts from the heat.  

Popularity of the meme

Today, the This is Fine dog meme has become very popular on the internet due to the funny way in which it describes stressful situations. On September 22, 2014 Reddit use SPIDER_MAN posted the meme as a description of how he is handling his life. The post received over 1,412 upvotes and 40 comments on Reddit and over 4,000 points and 106 comments on Imgur. 

One very interesting interaction involving the This is Fine dog meme happened on July 25th, 2016 when the GOP official Twitter account used the two-pane strip to illustrate the opening day at the  Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Green responded to the GOP panel stating that even though they could use the meme in social media, he wished the GOP would put the image down.  

To this day, the This is Fine dog is widely used in all types of meme sites to basically illustrate life events of adversity. It is an expression of either denial or acceptance of a situation that we cannot change. 

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