Pet homeopathy medicine: a choice is here!

Pet homeopathy medicine: a choice is here! The pet homeopathy can really help, and it can be actually a good alternative for healing your pet.

Pet homeopathy medicine: a choice is here! The pet homeopathy can really help!

Pet homeopathy is a reality, and can help your pets in healing from bad injuries or diseases with all natural products.

One example for all: the story of Vanessa Brookman and her dog, a pitbull terrier called Jack, that unfortunately suffered a rare allergic reaction to a medication that has been prescribed him to heal an ear infection.

Moreover, the case developed into the worst scenario ever; the dog was in complete kidney and liver failure.

Pet homeopathy: the unexpected solution

Three days: this was the total of the life left to Jack, according to the veterinarians that visited him. The only hope was pet homeopathy, that actually could restore the normal values of the liver and of the substances in the blood flow.

The protocol submitted was a Standard Process K9 Hepatic Support, along with human Vitamin E and milk thistle supplements, a cure that can heal also humans (except for the K9 support, of course).

10 days later this kind of intervention, the liver functions and the kidney were both almost restablished and Jack has been saved, recovering well from the worst moment of his life.

Mrs. Vanessa was grateful for the alternate medicine that saved her dog’s life; she didn’t knew the homeopathy medicine since that very moment, and it appears to be a common condition, since the majority of the patients that have a problem don’t know that alternative.

The owner of a pet clinic in Valencia, dr. Evelyn Vega (owner of Happy Pets clinic, the clinic in which Jack has been saved), confirms that homeopathy is not the first choice when someone has to heal his or hers pet. So people must be informed also about this therapy.

Therefore, pet homeopathy can be good for your pet just like traditional medicine. Why don’t you try it? Keep following us on Dogalize for more info!