Are you planning on getting a Large Dog Breed?

Are you planning on getting a Large Dog Breed?

Are you planning on getting a Large Dog Breed?

If you are, that is a great thing. You will definitively find a nice variety of these working large dog breeds in many adoption homes. A reputable adoption home will provide you all the feedback on the ancestry of a particular large dog breed. These large pooches require more space but are easier to train.  

Take a short view over the pros and cons of getting a large dog:

The Pros of a Large Dog breed

Large dog breeds are usually very lovely. These are faithful dogs of the working group. There are many other benefits provided that you have the necessary space to have one. So here are the pros of having a loving large dog as a pet.

  • They make excellent watchdogs and guard dogs.
  • These dogs usually make great family dogs. They are great with children, patient, playful, and with an even temper. 
  • Despite their size, some large dog breeds can adapt to apartment life. However, you can only expect good behavior if you provide them with enough exercise
  • When they are home, these dogs are not perky. They usually prefer to save their energy when inside the house. You will find them being a couch potato most of the time.  
  • As a general thumb rule, the bigger the dogs, the easier they are to train. Plus, they have the nicest personalities.
  • They are awesome. People will usually stop to take a good look at your massive dog. 
  • You can have a good wrestling competition without worrying about getting your dog hurt. 

The Cons of large dog breeds

Of course, there are also some aspects about these massive pooches that might keep you from getting one. Again, this will ultimately depend on how much you are willing to put up with.  Here are the cons:

  • There are higher costs involved in maintaining a large dog. They eat more food and vet visits are more expensive.
  • Moving a large dog brings about some complications. Not only transportation but lodging them as well. Some places have dog size restrictions. 
  • Unfortunately, large dog breeds have a shorter lifespan than smaller dogs. They get to live between 10-14 years.  Some get to live even less.  The Great Dane, for instance, only lives around 7 years. 
  • If you are a cleaning freak, most of these dogs are not suitable for you as the drool a lot. Just imagine the rain when this massive head of slobber decides to shake. 

In Dogalize we have interesting resources to help you take care of your pet. Regardless of it being a small or a large dog breed, we have everything you need to be a better pet owner.