Selecting the best dog house for your Dog

Selecting the best dog house for your Dog

Selecting the best dog house for your Dog

One of the first things you take into account before getting a dog is the dog house. This is the place where your dog will spend resting time when he is not running around or inside the house spending quality time with his family.  

Dog houses: buy or build?

Perhaps the next question about a dog house would be if you should buy one or build it yourself. Most of the time, there are two things that will determine this: time and budget. If it is easier for you to go to the shop and get a nice one and your credit card is not in refusal, then you should go for it and have no regrets. Now, if you are one of feeling thoughtful of your pooch and give him something that will cost you, there is no judging either. 

The truth is that a dog house will make your dog so happy as he will have a place of his own that is warm and cozy

The most important considerations

These are some of the things you should consider when choosing the best dog house:


The best and most widely used material is wood. Wooden dog houses provide better protection against the elements. Wood is a good insulator so your dog will not suffer from excess heat during summer or freezing cold during winter.

Plastic is lighter and more practical than wood. They are also less expensive. Besides all this, they are durable and you do not have to worry about pores for ticks and fleas to make nests in. 

Metal dog houses are more used as temporary homes for transportation. However, some owners use them as permanent homes. They are more expensive and they will definitively outlive your dog, and you.  

Roof type

There are basically two types for the wooden dog house. It could be two panels joined together as in Snoopy’s house. The other design is one panel at an angle through the entire length of the house.  


Very important to consider the size of your dog here. It should be big enough for your dog to go in and out easily, but not too big as to allow the elements in. Also, remember that, unlike with humans, the door does not need to be as tall as the dog. Dogs have no issue with ducking to get inside their house. 


You might want to add some quarter-sized holes near the top of the house to allow good ventilation. The size of the door is also fundamental on the amount of air your dog’s house allows in. 

The floor

Typically, the floor has to be raised in order to allow some extra insulation. This also has the effect of keeping moisture away and provide extra protection from ticks and fleas hatching on the ground. 

Providing the best house for your dog is an act of love. In Dogalize, we love pets as well. This is why we have tons of information on how to take good care of them and ensure a happy life.