What you need to know about dog kennels

What you need to know about dog kennels

What you need to know about dog kennels

Let us start by defining what dog kennels are. Basically, they are buildings where dogs are maintained, housed, and, in some cases, bred. Of course, a dog kennel is also used for boarding. Many people find this convenient when they have to renovate their house, travel for several days, or a holiday. Either way, dogs are confined to one space where they spend time with other dogs and human staff. 

Types of dog kennels

Breeding kennels are for the express purpose of reproduction of a breed or breeds. These are managed by responsible breeders and are regulated by government legislations. Members of a breed club must comply with standards and meet a Code of Ethics particular the breed concerned. 

Boarding kennels are used for a certain period of time, as an alternative to a dog sitter. Now, this means that you will bring your dog to a strange place (at least for the first times) and with other dogs. This is why most boarding kennels work to reduce stress. Some dog kennels allow owners to bring a bed and/or blanket. Others offer grooming and training services. 

What to look for

Given that you already have a dog and want to board him at a kennel, there are some simple things you should be looking for in dog kennels

  • Think of what type of accommodations will best suit your dog. 
  • If your dog needs special medication, find out if your dog´s clinic offers boarding services too. 
  • Be observant of the general attitude of the staff and their cleanliness. 
  • Check if the dog kennel allows you to bring their own toys and blankets. These can help reduce stress.
  • The staff should be enjoying their work and be interacting with the dogs, not sitting all the time.
  • Dogs look relaxed and sleeping, rather than anxious or continuously barking

Will a boarding dog kennel stress your dog?

Some experts claim that putting your pet into a dog kennel can stress your dog. After all, we are talking about taking our pooch into a strange environment to interact with other dogs in a place that is sometimes crowded. This certainly can bring stress to the dog´s owner. Steady dogs can be upset if placed in strange settings with stranger dogs.  

Usually, staff at dog kennels work hard to try and reduce the stress caused by a new environment. If you want to learn more about dog kennels near you, contact us here in Dogalize. We have many other resources that we are sure you will find useful.