Cat breeds: Russian Blue cat characteristics and behavior

The Russian Blue Cat, also known as Archangel blue, is a natural breed. His coat gives him a unique blue-grayish coloration.

Cat breeds: Russian Blue cat characteristics and behavior

The Russian Blue cat is an exquisite cat with a stunning and characteristic poise.  He is an elegant and muscular feline.  The coat colors range from a bright silver to a darker gray.  His short and dense fur is the trademark of this beautiful Russian Blue Cat.  In fact, you can make patterns that will remain in the fur until they are smoothed out by hand.


The origin of the Russian Blue cat is unknown.  However, due to their thick double coat that protects him from the cold, it is safe to assume that they in fact originated in Russia.  He is considered a natural cat breed as he is not the result of an artificial crossing.

The first appearance of this blue Russian cat came in 1875 in an exhibition at the London’s Crystal Palace.  At that time he was called Archangel Blues as it was believed that these were originating from Archangel, a Russian island.

Physical characteristics

The Russian Blue cat has bright green eyes and has two coats of hair plus an outer coat of grayish blue.  This cat’s fur is described as mat, soft, thick to touch. The cat’s fur is blue, but the silver hair tips give it a more grayish tone.


The Russian Blue cat is a very gentle, quiet, sometimes shy cat.  He is very loyal to their owners, but it will not give the privilege of his presence to strangers.  Because of his affection and attachment with his owner, he will always try to get their attention.  This blue Russian can enter an empty house and, with a beautiful grace, walk through the rubble like a Russian balletista.

When he is making laughing gestures, make sure you laugh with him and not of him.  This cat is very sensitive and does not tolerate mockery.  Actually, he doesn’t appreciate changes and does better in a quiet environment or far from noise.

Caring for a Russian Blue cat

You need to comb the Russian blue cat at least twice a week.  They really are incredibly low maintenance cats.

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