Cat breeds: the Sam Sawet cat characteristics and behavior

The Sam Sawet cat is a natural breed original from Thailand. These cats are affectionate with adults and do well playing with children.

Cat breeds: the Sam Sawet cat characteristics and behavior

The Sam Sawet cat is a domestic cat with a natural origin.  This means that they are not the result of crossing any cat breeds.  This and the fact that they require very low maintenance has increased their popularity.


These cats have been just recently discovered and developed in Thailand.  No cat organization has recognized them so there are no standards that define them.

Physical characteristics

The body of a Sam Sawet cat is proportionate and slender. Their coat is made of short, smooth, and straight hair.  The color of this coat can be white, black, tan, and brown.  The shape of the head is almost angular, with straight pointed ears and medium-sized eyes.  Their tail is usually medium-length.  Their average weight is usually between 9 and 14 pounds.


These are very active, playful, and social cats.  They are very energetic and will not tire easily.  Their intelligence is above average and their behavior is impressively smart.  The Sam Sawet cat knows how to be well-behaved and pleasant in any environment.

They are usually very affectionate and loyal to their family and friends.  They seem to like playing with children as they will behave nicely even if these are rough.  Their social nature allows them to do well with other animals, including dogs.

Caring for a Sam Sawet cat

These cats are hypoallergenic, so they are great for cat lovers who are allergic to cat hair.  Even further, they shed very moderately.  But then, they do shed, so you need to groom them at least once a week to remove dead hair.  Also, a bath once a month will help him stay clean and healthy.

They are not very vocal so you should be fine with their low voice.

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