Cat breeds: the Selkirk Rex cat characteristics and behavior

Cat breeds: the Selkirk Rex cat characteristics and behavior

Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex cat is a curly breed with a high level of tolerance and affection.  He will not sit on your lap but he does love to be around his family.  He is known as “the cat in sheep clothing.


This breed is fairly new. In 1987, a housecat found in a shelter in Montana had a litter of six kittens. One of this kittens was born with an unusual curly hair. This called the attention of Persian breeder, Jeri Newman. She adopted her and called her Miss Depesto and became the foundation of today´s Selkirk Rex cat. 

Newman mated the adult cat with his Persian. Miss Depesto had three curly kittens which Newman called “Selkirk“, after her stepfather, making this the only breed of cats named after a person. This proved that the mutation for curly hair was dominant.

Physical characteristics

The highly curled hair is due to a mutation, just like his cousins, the Cornish and Devon rexes. However, his looks are different due to his body and dense coat. All the Selkirk Rex cat hair is curly, including the whiskers.

The Selkirk Rex cat can come in any color but unlike any other cat breed, his coat can come in three layers. This feature is present either the coat is long or short.


The Sellkir Rex cat is a cool, calm, and collected cat. He makes a great family pet. However, he is more active than the average cat and needs plenty of play time.  He is a sweet cat that can sometimes be silly.

He is affectionate and does not enjoy being left alone. His social nature allows him to get well along with everyone.

video: sellkir rex kitten

Caring for a Selkirk Rex cat

If you own a Selkirk Rex cat, you need to groom him frequently to keep the curls from tangling or matting. In some cases, these cats can also carry a greasy coat, so frequent bath might also be necessary. He is an attention seeker and will let you know with a small quiet voice when he feels he has not received his fair share of it.

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