Cat breeds: the Serrade Petit cat characteristics and behavior

The Serrade Petit cat is a relatively newly discovered breed. They are original from France and standards have not being determined yet.

The Serrade Petit cat is a relatively newly discovered cat breed.  They are original from France and standards have not being determined yet.


Since the Serrade Petit is a relatively new discovery from France, very little of this breed’s origin is known.  No major cat association has recognized this breed and there is no information of any group aiming for it.

Physical characteristics

The name of this cat suggests that he is a rather small cat.  He weighs between 6 and 9 pounds. The Serrade Petit has a short coat that covers a rather delicate body structure.  This coat might look coarse in appearance but it is actually soft.

They have big ears and large eyes embedded in a small head, which gives them a nice look.  His medium-length legs end with small and compact paws.


This cat is a little laid back.  However, he is adaptable and does good living indoors.  They require a lot of space in order for them to display their feline behavior.  They enjoy playing games but usually get bored pretty easily.

This cat is well-composed and is not very demanding.  They do require lots of attention and have a loud voice to let you know that.  They definitively love to be cuddled and held on their lap by his family.   He loves to participate in family activities and especially play with children.

The Serrade Petit cat is always happy and quite personal but does not enjoy being left alone for a too long time.

Caring for a Serrade Petit cat

If you want to keep this cat out of boredom, provide many toys and activities for him to entertain himself.  These cats have a short coat so grooming is not really an issue. The regular weekly brushing is all he needs to keep dead hair away.

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