Cat breeds: the Siamese cat characteristics and behavior

The Siamese cat is a beautiful and elegant cat native to Asia. Siamese cats are very affectionate with their family, bossy, and very intelligent.

The Siamese cat is always on his best dress, with his white long suit and deep blue tanzanite eyes, this cat is a head-turner everywhere he goes.  Siamese cats are one of the first cat breeds from Asia to be officially recognized.


Cats with characteristics similar to those of the Siamese cat have been known in Thailand (formerly Siam) for centuries. There are numerous manuscripts in this regard but that were not known in the West, but until the end of the 19th century when they were exhibited in the Crystal Palace Cat Show in London.

President Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife Lucy received a Siamese cat as a gift from the United States Ambassador in Thailand, David B. Sickels, in 1878.  Cat associations officially recognize Siamese cats.  The Thai, a descendant of the native cat of Thailand is also recognized.

Physical characteristics

The body of the Siamese cat is muscular, long, and tubular.  His head is almost perfectly triangular. The coat is short, fine, and glossy.  Siamese cats do not have a double coat which makes it very easy to clean them.  The modern Siamese is very similar to the Thai or original Siamese, except that the head and body type are different.


Probably the most important thing you should know about Siamese cats is that they are very vocal and opiniononated.  This means that they will tell you what you should do and expect you to do accordingly.  They are very affectionate with their families.  They like to help and will follow you around the house overseeing each work that you do.  In a nutshell, these are very intelligent cats.

The Siamese cat is very active and playful, even during his adult life.  Due to his desire to be near people or other cat breeds, will turn very depressive if left alone for a long time.

Caring for a Siamese Cat

The short, thin fur of the Siamese cat is very easy to care for.  Brush once a week to remove dead hair and distribute the natural oils.

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