Cat breeds: the Singapura cat characteristics and behavior

The Singapura cat is the smallest of all cat breeds. He has a great personality which makes him a great family pet. He is active and playful.

This singular cat has a vintage look with a small size and big eyes and ears. The Singapura cat is actually the smallest of all cat breeds.


The true origin of these cats is a cause of disagreement.  Some say that they originated in the United States while others claim that he first started in Singapore.   Due to his name, it is strongly believed that these cats originated in the 1970s from Singaporean cats.  The program was developed by cat fanciers Hal and Tommy Meadow.

The Cat Fanciers Association recognized the breed in 1988.  Since 1990, the Singapura cat is the nation´s travel mascot.

Physical characteristics

This is the tiniest breed of cats. A full-grown Singapura cat can weigh as little as 4 pounds.  He is thought to be the result of crossing a Burmese and an Abyssinian.  Their coat is short, fine, and beige in color.  Pretty much all of them have that color.


This is one assertive cat with a strong personality.  So you should not look at this guy just like the “little cat”.  They are curious, lively, and pretty intelligent creatures.   They will not stay in one place and actually enjoy being part of all activities taking place at home.  No matter what you are doing, they will get in the middle of it.  Either you are typing on the computer or reading a book, the Singapura cat will want to be in the middle of the action.

Caring for a Singapura cat

The coat of the Singapura cat is basically easy to manage.  Brush it twice a month and he should be fine. Nail clipping is also important. One thing that you should know about these cats is that due to their small size, they have issues delivering.  They will usually require a C-section to be assisted in delivering their tiny kittens.

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