Cat breeds: the Suphalak cat chatacteristics and behavior

The Suphalak cat is an extremely rare breed of cat that originated in Thailand almost 3 centuries years ago. They are affectionate and loving of people.

The Suphalak cat is an extremely rare breed of cat that originated in Thailand almost 300 years ago.  Probably their most striking feature is their reddish and brown copper coat.


The first time we hear about the Suphalak cat is in ancient manuscripts known as the Tamra Maew.  These books not only describe the Suphalak but other Thai breeds such as the Korat and the seal point Siamese.  At the end of the Burmese-Siamese War, the Siamese front lost to the Burmese.  The Burmese sacked temples, including Buddhas for their gold.  The king of Burma then read about the Suphalak cat in the Tamra Maew.  After learning that this cat was as “rare as gold” and that anyone in possession of these cats would be rich, he ordered his men to bring all of these cats to Burma. The Thai still use this story to explain why the cat is so rare and his development so slow.

Physical characteristics

When these cats are under the sun, their coat emits an almost reddish cast. Their paws are light brown with a pink tone.  The color of their eyes is from bright yellow to golden.  The body of a Suphalak cat is medium in size and with a muscular appearance. Their head must be proportional to their body.


These cats are very intelligent and people-oriented.  They are active, interactive, and love to be around their owner. These loving cats expect to be loved as much as they love their owners.  Leaving them alone for too long time will break their hearts.  Their intelligence allows them to understand most of the commands you give them.

Caring for a Suphalak cat

Grooming and maintenance of this cat are not that high.  They need some brushing twice a week to remove dead hair and maintain the shimmering appearance of their coat.  As with health issues, since they are a relatively new breed, there are no known diseases.

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