Cat breeds: the Thai Lilac cat characteristics and behavior

The Thai Lilac cat is a cat that resulted from the crossing of two Korats. Korat means "blue cat" in Thai, so this cat got a new name since he was pink.

The Thai Lilac cat is a rather unusual case in which a cat from the same breed is named differently solely on its coat color.  In this case, the Korat cat has a standard that dictates its color to be blue.  As a matter of fact, the name Korat in Thai means blue cat.  Hence, the Korat cat is defined as the blue cat of Thailand.

So, what do you do when you cross two Korats and you get a creme-colored kitten?  You cannot name him a Korat since it will contradict its own definition.  Not even Lilac Korats would qualify.  So, the name Thai Lilac was applied to these cats.


So, when we talk about a Thai Lilac cat, we must mention where does this gene come from and where has it been.  It all began in 1989 when a Korat cat gave birth to a pink cat named Jenanca Lilac LileeBreeders were surprised at this occurrence as it was completely unexpected.  The following year, more similar cats were born.

The simplest explanation for two Korats breeding a pink kitten is that both parents carried a recessive gene for pink or white coat color.  This gene can be traced back to Thai´s ancient past.  Traditionally, when breeders find a trait that is not acceptable for a particular cat, they try to breed it out.

However, in the case of the Thai Lilac, they seem to want to preserve it.  The Korat Breed Advisory Committee acknowledged the existence of the Thai Lilac cat and included it in the Korat Registration Policy in 1993.  To the day, breeders are seeking for these cats to be recognized as a cat breed themselves.  They still have a long way to go in proving that these cats can qualify for bench show on their own merits separated from the Korat.

Thai Lilac cat Traits

The physical traits and personality of a Thai Lilac cat are the same as his close relative, the Korat.  The only difference is that of the coat color.

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