Cat breeds: the Toyger cat characteristics and behavior

The Toyger cat is a breed designed to look like a miniature tiger. His creator, Judy Sugden, developed this loving cat to raise awareness for the tiger.

The Toyger cat is a cat breed designed to look like a miniature tiger.  His creator, Judy Sugden, says that she developed the breed with the purpose of inspiring people to take care of tigers in the wild.


Judy Sugden started developing this breed in the late 1980s.  By crossing Bengal cats with other domestic breeds, she was able to obtain the tiger-like appearance.

Physical characteristics

As the name suggests, the Toyger cat is a “toy tiger“.  The most striking trait of this designer´s cat is the orange coat with black stripes.  These stripes are layered over a plushy and short coat.  This coat is thick, dense, and exceptionally soft.  His front legs are short, which keep his front body closer to the ground.  Another interesting trait that this cat shares with the tiger is the long toes.  This makes their gait to be very tiger-like.

The eyes are specially designed to capture light with a great intensity.  This trait is important for the cat´s night vision.


The Toyger cat is a very friendly domestic cat.  He likes to be around his people although he can be left on his own.  This loving cat will easily bond with any family.

Caring for a Toyger cat

If you are planning on having a Toyger cat, you must know that they are very expensive.  They can cost anywhere between $1500 and $5000!  So, this cat is for someone who is willing to spend a lot of money.  As for their coat, given that it is so thick, it will need very frequent brushing.

The fact that these cats are so expensive mostly obeys to the purpose of the money collected. Breeders donate most of the money they get from these felines to tiger conservation initiatives.

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