Cat breeds: the Ukrainian Levkoy cat characteristics

The Ukrainian Levkoy cat is of medium size and has particular folded ears and little to no hair. To this day, only Ukrainian and Russian associations have recognized him as a distinct breed.

If you look at a Ukrainian Levkoy cat and you know your cats, you would have probably guessed that he is the result of the crossing between a Donskoy and a Scottish Fold.  Ukranian breeder Elena Biryukova developed this cat in 2000.   To obtain the particular traits of the Levkoy, she used other domestic cats.

Russian and Ukranian associations have recognized this cat breed, which is still in development.

Physical characteristics

The Ukrainian Levkoy cat has a body that might appear slender but is also muscular.  His soft and elastic skin allows for the formation of wrinkles.  His face is dog-like and his head is angled.  The Levkoy inherited the folded ears from the Scottish fold.  This breed of cat exhibits sexual dimorphism, meaning that male and female are different in appearance.


This cat might look like he is rough and unpleasant but nothing is farther from the truth.  He makes a great companion due to his loving nature. He is playful and has a very pleasant personality.  When brought into a new environment, he will have a bit of a difficult time adapting but once he does, he is a very sociable cat that enjoys the company of humans and other pets.

He is well suited for little children.  Being people-driven, he will follow you everywhere around the house.  This is his way of showing you his affection.  Consider that he is a vocal cat and will make lots of noise, especially during dinner time.

Caring for an Ukrainian Levkoy cat

Given that this cat is a hairless type, he needs protection if you plan on taking him outside.  A feline sun block should do the trick.  A bath at least once a month is needed to keep his skin from an oily appearance and accumulation of dirt.

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