Cat curiosities: why do cats purr?

Why do cats purr all the time? Well, there are many reasons for this but in general, they are trying to pass on a message to their human or other animals.

Cat curiosities: why do cats purr?

This does not seem to be a hard question to answer.  But then, a cat uses purring to pass on a message to humans, other cats, and other animals.  If a cat purrs a lot, we say he is very vocal, along with meowing, hissing, growling, etc.  But there are many reasons to why do cats purr and we will discuss them here.

How can you tell what kind of message is your cat trying to pass through when she purrs?  Obviously, you will not get that info from them.  But scientists have studied this cat behavior and the answers they got (not straight from the cat, evidently) might help you make a little guess as to what is your cat telling you when he purrs.

When they are happy

Why do cats purr when they are happy?  This is their way of saying they are at their happy place.  Now, to confirm that she is actually happy and not nervous, there are other signs.  If she is on her back, with her eyes half-closed, and the tail is not moving, then you can safely assume that she is comfortable and smiling.

She is probably also smiling at the fact that, unlike you, she does not have to go to work every day and come home to a messy home.  Ok, maybe not, she loves you, but who knows.  Cats are not really famous for being too nice.

When they are kittens

Cats usually purr a lot during their first days of life. This is probably a way to tell mom he’s around and did not go out with friends to get in trouble or they will simply purr to let mom they are ok.  Also, mom uses purring as a lullaby for her kitties.  Is that cute, or what?

Give me food! Pretty, please

If you pay close attention, you might detect what a group of British scientists did: the purring when a cat is hungry is different to the one they make when they are not hungry.  When hungry, cats combine their usual purring with a cry or meow.  Experts believe that cats have evolved to learn that we humans respond more rapidly to this sound.

I´m hurt

Why do cats purr if they are in pain and this requires more energy, you might think.  Well, just like a baby will soothe himself by sucking his thumb, cats do the same with purring.  Research has also discovered that purring helps them heal faster.  Well, isn´t that a smart kittie?

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