Cat games: become a Ninja Cat and save the world!

The Ninja Cat is actually a pretty cool concept that has been explored in video games, movies, and even emojis. Wouldn´t it be cool to have a cat ninja?

There is no need to explain that every time you hear the expression Ninja Cat, you picture an actual cat dressed like a ninja and it is funny. If that is your thought, great thinking!  But not in the way you think.  Ninja cat is a cat ninja from a video game.  Hey, but it is still fun to play!  Then, there are other uses for the expression. Check them out!

The videogame Ninja Cat

If you search for Ninja Cat, you will probably hit a video game.  It is an arcade type of game where you have to go through different stages collecting some gems.  If you do not retrieve them, the world could come to an end, or whatever.

The game is truly addictive and if you find yourself, playing it, try to take it to the end.  If you do not, well you know what will happen.

But then there is another game under Ninja Cat.  This cat ninja simply goes around and you don´t even control him.  The enemies of this cat are dinosaurs (I know, crazy, right?!).  In order for you to kill these dinosaurs, all you have to do is type the letters underneath them when they show up.   It´s a pretty nice concept.  If you get your hands on it, you can get a bit addicted.  But playing it does not make you a gamer.

Other uses

If you are a movie- and a cat-lover, then probably the first thing that came to your mind when reading the title of this post was the two Devon Rex ninja cats sent by Mr. Tinkles to retrieve a formula in the movie Cats and Dogs.  Good thinking.  These two unforgettable cats really killed it in their Matrix-like fight with Lou.

Go and look up on your chat messenger service and you will probably also find the Ninja Cat emoji.  This emoji is the combination of Cat Face and Bust in Silhouette emojis.

Visit us in Dogalize to learn more ways to better take care of your cats.  We do not promise to help your feline turn into a cat ninja but we can guarantee that you will have one healthy companion.