Curiosities: the nicest dog costumes ever!

Most dogs look extra cute in their dog costumes. Either for Halloween or a party, there are beautiful designs. Consider his comfort before getting one.

Curiosities: the nicest dog costumes ever!

It is not Halloween yet but, when it comes to your pooch, any time is good for dog costumes.  If you go to online stores, you will find a myriad of them to choose.  There are so many of them that it is as hard to decide for one as it is to choose a movie to watch on Netflix.

Now, since you love your pet and do not need to exhibit him as a pretty item, you do consider certain things before putting up dog costumes on your pet.

Think of your pet´s comfort with dog costumes

The first question you should ask yourself before getting that Batman dog costume is if your dog will take it nicely.  Yes, I know that the Batman suit will look super cute on him.  But will he like it?  At what point is it cruelty to dress a dog that does not feel comfortable in a costume?

So, the best way to solve this mystery is to try it on.  Now, the issue here might be that you already spent $40 on that cool costume and would not like to see that tossed down the drain.  Start with small things to test how your pup reacts.  How about a small bandana?  Or you could even try one of those inexpensive cute shirts that you find in dog stores.

You might discover that probably your pet is not so fond of being dressed up.  Whenever you see a dog in a costume twirling and biting trying to get rid of it, is no longer fun but it is cruelty.

Dog costumes for fashion or functionality?

There are instances in which you might actually need to dress up your dog.  Sometimes the weather is too cold and even though your dog seems to cope nicely, an extra warmth is more than welcome. Remember that there are some dog breeds that can hardly withstand cold weather, for instance.

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