Dog curiosities: The Best Dog Crate for your dog

A dog crate is a way of protecting your pet from injury when he is left alone in the house. Learn what size of crate is best for your dog.

Planning on getting a dog crate for your pooch.  That is actually a great idea.  A dog crate is a way of protecting your pet from injury when he is left alone in the house.  But please always bear in mind that the purpose of a crate is not to lock in your dog for long hours.

Why a dog crate?

While some might feel that a dog crate is close to cruelty, the truth is that this device actually has enormous benefits not just for you but for your dog.  This is your dog´s safe haven.  They can go in and relax and not worry about bumping into people or getting stepped on.  Your pet can actually relax inside of it.

Dog crates protect a dog from hurting himself whenever the owner is not around to supervise them.  Many dogs have been injured because they chewed an electrical wire or ate poison.  A safe dog crate eliminates these issues and provides the owner peace of mind while he is out for a while or taking a shower.

What size of dog crate should I get?

There are so many things to be considered to determine the size of the crate you need.  But we will mainly focus on the size of your dog.  Erroneously, people might think that the bigger, the better.  Now, your dog should be able to stand inside without hitting his head, to turn around, and stretch his paws.  If you get a crate that is too big, the idea of potty training is jeopardized.  Dogs have the instinct of not defecating where they live.  So, naturally, your dog will try to hold his mess as much as possible while inside.

If you provide a crate that is too big, your dog can easily use one end as a bathroom and the other one as a bed. The potty training process has been blown out.

Which is the best type?

The different types of crates include:

  • Wire crates.  The most widely used for home.  It is easy to clean and can easily adapt for traveling.
  • Plastic crates are mostly used for trips to the vet or traveling.  They do not offer the same visibility of the wire crate but to some breeds, this might be an advantage.
  • Soft crates are extremely light and portable.  They are made of cloth and offer a less intimidating picture for your dog.
  • Stylish crates include wooden crates or any other material that will satisfy those who are not content with wire or plastic.

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