English springler spaniel dog: characteristics and behavior

English springler spaniel dog: characteristics and behavior - discover it on Dogalize

English springler spaniel dog: characteristics and behavior – discover it on Dogalize

The English Springer Spaniel dog is an athletic and highly energetic dog breed developed as a gun dog to spring game in the field.  Today, he is a great companion that can join you in your hiking or biking trips.


The first mention we hear of the English Springer Spaniel is in Wales somewhere around 300 A.D.  The purpose of the English Springer Spaniel back in the day was to retrieve game.  Today, his mission it to entertain and protect his family.  

The English Springer Spaniel dog was finally recognized as a breed in 1910. 

Physical characteristics

This medium-sized dog is strong, proper of a hound.  He is a well proportionate and well-balanced dog.  Their coat is long and with some feathering on the tail and legs

The English Springer Spaniel dog is a definitively a great companion.  They can weigh between 45 and 55 pounds.  The only acceptable coat colors are liver and black with white, and sometimes white with tan markings. 


The English Springer Spaniel dog has a sweet personality.   They are highly active dogs that love to do trick and are willing to learn more.   These dogs love their families and would prefer to stay at home with them. 

Typically, they are intelligent, fast learners, responsible and willing to obey.  He will get pretty lonely if you do not let him either inside the house or in the backyard. 

Caring for an English Springer Spaniel dog

You must invest time in giving this dog at least 30 to 60 minutes of walking. However, the real amount of exercise needed will depend on which version of dog is being acquired.  These dogs love to swim and if you have a pool at home, invite him over. 

Males are typically from 18 to 20 inches and weigh 50 to 55 lb.  Females should be between 17 and 19 inches and weigh 35 to 45 lb.  


Start training from the moment he first sets foot on your house.  This dog is devoted and willing to please so you should take advantage of that.

Fun facts

  • The Kennel Club of England recognized the English Springer Spaniel dog around 1901.  
  • There have been reports of Spaniels being disruptive to neighbors.  To avoid this, get your new pet from a reputable breeder.

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