The fun of living with a big dog!

Having a big dog at home has enormous benefits. Big dogs are more loyal, make great guard dogs, and are easier to train than their smaller counterparts.

The fun of living with a big dog!

Yes, they drool gallons, they poop in roughly the same amount.  They are huge, smelly, and sometimes lazy.  Feeding them takes the monthly minimum wage of a developing country.  Then there is the veterinarian expenses.  Ah, but then living with big dogs has its perks.  Imagine having two Alaskan Malamutes greet you at the door every day or being loved by a Great Dane.

Many might find disadvantages of living with big dogs.  But we have collected a number of reasons to love big dogs.  Stay with us as we share the perks of having a dog with a huge heart.

They make excellent guard dogs

Not only are they watchdogs, which only alert you of danger;  a Chihuahua can do that, they are also great guard dogs.  Due to their size, they are more imposing and intimidating.  A burglar would have to think it twice before trying to even think of overpowering one of these massive dogs.

They are great for children

Studies have exposed about the enormous benefits in kids from having a big dog.  In fact, when it comes to big dogs, the bigger, the better.  Large dogs are more resilient and will withstand little kids rough play.  Unlike a small dog breed which might whine at the first slightly tight squeeze.

Big dogs, then, can keep up with energetic youngsters.  However, parents should be wise and teach their children not to ride them or grab them violently.  Respect should be taught on both ends.

Big dogs are easier to train

Large breeds of dogs can learn easily and quickly when you train them at a very young age.  Luckily, when it comes to teaching proper behavior, big dogs are the ones that need it the most.  For instance, a small dog jumping over your dishes, displaying bad behavior, is very different from having a huge Great Dane doing the same thing.  So these dogs must be trained in obedience and then become a well-rounded dog.

They require less exercise than one would think

A big dog is usually used as a guard dog.  Guarding the house is not a job that requires any physical activity, just lying down and relaxing.

Here in Dogalize we have many resources that can help you with your big dog.  We have an amazing vet directory where you can easily find the veterinarian clinic closer to you.