Lazy dog: why is he such a lazy dog?

A lazy dog that is well fed, stimulated, and gets enough exercise is just lazy as part of his nature. However, laziness can also indicate something else.

The straightforward answer to that question is because he is a mammal.  If you check on the animal kingdom, specifically mammals, you will notice that most of them are naturally lazy.  It is like even though they eat a lot, this energy is used to make them grow bigger…and lazier.  So why make such a fuzz over a lazy dog?

Sleeping is an important part of your dog´s life.  When it comes to a pretty lazy dog, however, being such a snooze can indicate some other things.  This is why the whole mammal thing described above will not always apply to dogs completely. You must be alert, especially if this laziness has grown over the days.

What makes a lazy dog?

Whenever a dog spends too much time on the couch or he would rather do that instead of playing with his toy, it could be an indication of an underlying condition.

Many times, a dog sleeps too much because he is not being sufficiently stimulated, lacks exercise, or has a poor diet.  This is not good for the dog since it is very important that he gets a proper diet and regular exercise.  However, if you have a lazy dog that is eating appropriately and gets the exercise he needs, then it is just part of his nature.

Is it ok to be lazy?

Yes, and no.  This will all depend on the reasons why your dog is being so lazy.  Remember that dogs do not have much to do during their day by day.  They do not have to go to work or pay bills, for instance (dreamy!).  So, some of them will sleep even more than what they really need.  This is just fine as long as the dog is properly fed and exercised.

What can you do?

If you believe that your dog is spending too much time sleeping, there are some measures you can take:

  • Take him to the vet to get a diagnose of any sickness he might have.
  • Play with him in order to stimulate his senses.
  • Take him out for walks around the neighborhood.
  • Stimulate his brain by providing puzzles.
  • Look closely at your dog´s eating habits and make changes accordingly.

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