Mekong bobtail cat: characteristics and behavior

The Mekong Bobtail cat is a loving and affectionate, dog-like cat original from Thailand but developed in Russia. They are medium-sized and make great pets.

Mekong bobtail cat: characteristics and behavior

If there is an affectionate cat that loves their owners, is loyal, fetches, and walks on a leash, like a dog, that is the Mekong Bobtail cat.  This cat is original from Thailand but developed in Russia.


These cats were first transported from southeast Asia to Russia through the Mekong river.  Ancient legends from Siam (now Thailand), tell stories of beautiful cats of unusual color and a dark muzzle.  They were thought to be the guardians of the temple. 

Today, these are considered noble cats.  They bring prosperity, happiness, and good fortune to their owners, according to the legend.  

Physical characteristics

The Mekong bobtail cat is a medium cat with a muscular but elegant and slim build.  Their body is rectangular over slender legs and round paws.  Their coat is dense, short, and glossy.  The undercoat is very small and requires no major maintenance.   The standard allows all pointed colors without white.   


These cats are kind and gentle.  This is the one cat that acts like a dog. In fact, he is very accepting of canine companions.  A Mekong Bobtail cat will very likely receive you at the door and follow you pretty much everywhere.  They are smart felines who can learn fetch and other tricks.  They are very nice with kids, love to ride in the car, and walking on the neighborhood on a leash. 

This cat is not very vocal but does require a lot of attention.  Make sure you can play from 10 to 15 minutes with him several times a day. 

Caring for a Mekong Bobtail cat

Their coat can easily be taken care of with a brushing once a week.  They are pretty clean and have no weird smells.  Since they are not territorial, they are peaceful creatures that will welcome other animals into their territory.  

Caring for a cat requires time and responsibility.  Here in Dogalize we have resources to help you take better care of your cat.  Get in contact with us for more information.