How to take the best pictures of dogs!

Getting the best pictures of dogs requires you to be smart about it. In order to take a good photo, you basically have to train your dog for it.

Taking good pictures of dogs might be a challenge.  First, dogs are not really up to it and are not interested in getting their pic done.  However, we still want to fill in that album with pictures and memories of our pooch.  The following are some tips to take the best picture of our pet.

Grab his attention

The main challenge on taking your dog´s photo has to do with him staying still.  Nice try. But you can grab his attention by placing toys in front of him along with the camera.  You can try with a ball.  Now, you have to be careful on this one since some dogs can get too playful and might make a jump for the ball.

Go slowly on him

Putting a camera in front of a dog can make some dogs uneasy.  Show him your camera slowly until you get his attention.  He will initially have his full attention on the camera. Once you notice that he is minding his own business, you can take a candid photo.  This applies if you like pictures of dogs in their natural way.

Get him used to the camera

This is closely related to the above tip.  Make sure he is no longer aloof of the camera and feels comfortable around it.  You should not use flash since this can startle your dog.  Plus, it can affect the quality of your picture.

Make him smile

You can actually make your pooch smile for the camera. A smiley dog is one that is playing and having fun.  So take the time to play and have physical and mental games for your pet.  Once time has passed, take his shot of a huge smile.  You do not really need to see a smiley silhouette on the face of the dog to know that he is happy.

Use shutter speed for better pictures of dogs

Especially for dogs that are very active, you can use a camera’s shutter speed.  Just know that if you use it, you are sacrificing the amount of light that the camera captures.  Balance this by taking your dog outside where there is sufficient light and play with this lighting.

Don´t be afraid to use Photoshop

The best pictures of dogs do not happen by the mere lens.  So, don´t be afraid to touch your photo.  Just make sure you do not abuse it or it might look too fake.

We know that you love your dog enough.  This is why here in Dogalize we have a lot of material that you can find really handy for the proper care of your pet.  Contact us for more information.