Anime Cat: Let’s discover Top 8 cut Anime Cats

Anime Cat: Top 8 Cute Anime Cats

Anime Cat

Cat are truly adorable. Oh, but they get even better if you see an anime cat. These cute little characters can be found everywhere in anime. Today, we will mention some of the cutest cats in the anime world.

Some of these cats are not only cute but they are iconic. Check out the following list as you grin at the memory of a cute anime cat.

Happy and Carla from Fairy Tale

Happy is a cat that can sing, dance, fly, and do magic. He is a cute blue cat who, along with Carla, perform magic. These cats have nice features that are adorable and make them worth a mention even though they are technically not really an anime cat.

Luna and Artemis from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Who doesn´t remember Luna from the Sailor Moon series?  She is probably the most famous anime cat.  She, along with her partner Artemis has the job of guiding the Sailor Scouts into finding and protecting the princess. Luna does this by providing them with magical gadgets along the way. Both cats are cute and easy to identify thanks to the crescent moons on their forehead.

Kuro from Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

This spirit cat is modeled after the Japanese mythological nekomata. He is cute and all but if he gets mad he turns into his not-so-cute true form.

Poyo from Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

This anime cat is not too popular but we love his round and marshmallowy features.  Every other cat in this show has a more realistic appearance while Poyo is a cute and huggable ball (literally) of fur.

Nekobasu from Tonari no Totoro

He is not the main character of the show. Neither is he what you would describe as cute. However, he is unique in that he is actually a bus with many legs.  Pretty cool if you ask us!

Takkun from FLCL

Takkun is an anime cat, more like a kitten that is taken in by Mamimi. Despite only being in half of the six episodes in the series, he is adorable.

Buyo from Inuyasha

This little troublemaker is also a bit dumb. He is the reason his owner Kagome to be stuck in Japan. He is also the reason why the two characters in the show fall in love.

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