Dog Breeds: Carolina Dog, characteristics and personality

carolina dog

An overview of the Carolina Dog

Technically, the Carolina dog has not been fully domesticated yet. However, this does not keep these dogs from being intelligent, pack-oriented, and wanting nothing else but to be with their families.


Around 9,000 years ago, Asian “pariah” dogs arrived at North America, brought through the Bering Strait. These dogs are believed to be the ancestors of the Carolina dog.

Later in the 1920s, University of Georgia Professor Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin Jr. rediscovered these dogs as a free roaming dog in South America. At first, Brisbin thought this was just another stray dog.

This dog breed can be registered with the American Rare Breed Association.

Physical characteristics

The Carolina dog has a medium-sized frame on a muscular body. His short coat can be tan, black and tan, and white.  They can grow to be up to 17 to 24 inches and, in average, they weigh 30 to 65 pounds.


Carolina dogs are able to thrive by themselves if left alone in the wild. They are natural runners and have a hound-like sense of smell that helps them hunt in the wild.  When kept as a pet, they develop a strong connection with their owner.

Caring for a Carolina dog

Caring for a Carolina dog should not be any different than caring for any other breed.  It requires moderate exercise as this dog is fit for hunting and running long distances. Just like you would do with any other medium-sized dog, take him for walks and make sure you train him consistently.


In general, the Carolina dog should not be too difficult to train. Despite their feral nature, when trained properly, these dogs make an excellent house pet.

It is important that the dog socializes. This helps tone down the aggressive nature that might come from being a wild dog.

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