My cat from hell: flaming eyes are watching you

My Cat from Hell:

My Cat from Hell

If you have an evil cat at home, you know, one that only knows about creating disaster and wreaking havoc. There is no stopping him and seems to get worse every day. You need to call cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy to come and help. My Cat from Hell is an American reality television show that shows Jackson´s adventure on trying to save some cats from eternal condemnation.

About the Show

My Cat from Hell premiered in May 2011. The show is about how cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy comes to the rescue of cat owners who are having a difficult time dealing with a problematic cat.

The show has aired uninterrupted for seven seasons, with Season 8 currently playing in Animal Planet. Throughout all the episodes, Jackson shares with cat owners his philosophy that he can help any problem cat. He does this by understanding first that cats’ behavior can obey to external factors in the environment, a medical condition, or poor handling from their owners.

Jackson teaches cat owners that cats are territorial and need spaces within the house that they can call home. He also tells cat owners that these send signals when they do not want to be petted anymore. Cats hate to be cornered and will lash out when overstimulated. This is like excessive petting or doing so whenever he does not feel like it. In every show, Jackson makes suggestions on how to make the house more cat safe.


The show is one of Animal Planet’s favorite to cat lovers.  My Cat from Hell is still featured in their programming and has even renewed a second season.

The show has a strong fan base of Animal Planet viewers.  It has a score of 7.7 in the Internet Movie Database, which makes the show quite acceptable and enjoyable.

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