Cat types: here are the different types of cats

cat types

What are the different cat types?

If you came here expecting a list of cat types, well, we wish we could say you came to the right place. But then, you see, to classify cats is actually not easy. Every cat is a world. Classifying cats will be so futile because, if we were to make a list of each “type”, you will find that your cat belongs to only one category, or two, or more.

However, experience has allowed us to classify them based on characteristics that we see on them. So, at our best attempt here are cat types based on their personalities.

Bottomless pits

Cats love to sleep, eat, poop, and repeat. But there are some types of cats that love to sleep, eat, eat, poop, eat, repeat, and eat again. Did we mention “eat”? It´s like they pour food into a bottomless pit!

The little bastard

Some cats take a long time to grow up. We are talking about two years or such. These little bastards will scratch, chew, and destroy anything they see before their eyes. The worst part is that they will go and look for what to destroy. They are fast. They are stealthy.

Party “Pooper”

We did mention that cats love to poop, right? Well, some of them will poop on the litter, on your tub, on the toilet, on your rug, outside, and then on your rug again. After messing up all your house, all you have left is to enjoy the permeating scent. What is there not to love these types of cats?

The Aristocat

We think that most cats belong here. They do not need to beg for food, they know the food will be there. Otherwise, they will wield their royal whip and beat your peasant ass.


Did you bring a cat to get rid of some vermin? Chances are you’ll see these types of cats watching the mouse party and thinking how it is not worth it being a party pooper. What a useless douche!

Hairless Yoda

Well, we are certainly talking about all the hairless cat breeds. These guys will just stare at you with that ugly face and make you feel embarrassed of your poor decisions. Then they will turn around like saying, “a hopeless square you are.” Or maybe instead they will enlighten you with their wisdom.

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