Give your child dog coloring pages and make him happy

Give your child dog coloring pages

Give your child dog coloring pages

Do you want your child to care for dogs? Give him dog coloring pages. There is not really any evidence that this will make them be fond of them, but you can definitively take advantage of coloring to teach them a thing or two.

I once heard this conversation between a 4-year-old child and his mother. “Mom, Max (their dog) says that he loves me and my brothers”. His mother, trying to sound very wittily, replied, “No son, dogs don´t have those kinds of feelings.”

Needless to say, I cringed and died inside a little! How can anyone say that to a 4-year-old? I then thought that dog coloring pages can be a good opportunity for kids to be fond of dogs.

Why dog coloring pages?

Kids love to draw, but they probably love to color the most. Dog coloring pages then become a more ludic way to teach kids about caring for dogs. They should be aware of the fact that these creatures have feelings and are capable of true love.

Sometimes, kids can be a bit rowdy and if they come face to face with a dog, they will usually behave inappropriately. Very few dog breeds are tolerant to this but most dogs will not enjoy it and some might even react violently.

Take advantage of nice dog coloring pages to teach your toddler the basics of proper dog caring. They will be delighted and you will have their attention for a good time span.

Get your child on with the cutest dog coloring pages

You can find online and free dog coloring pages all over the place. Most of the time, each image shows a story. Use it to reinforce basic dog-caring skills.

You can also use a series of coloring pages to tell a full story. Your child will be delighted to color all the action in the adventures of Fido.

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