Coconut and Fish oil for dogs: benefits and use

Coconut oil for dogs fish oil for dogs

Coconut and Fish oil for dogs

There is strong evidence that coconut oil for dogs and fish oil for dogs have great benefits for them. The first one, besides taken orally, can also be applied to the skin. The latter is usually taken orally and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

What is in Coconut oil?

Simply stated, coconut oil is extracted from the fruit´s flesh. This oil is mostly (90%) saturated fat and can be classified as a “superfood”. In this case, the type of saturated fat contained in coconut oil is beneficial.

The key ingredient here is medium chain triglycerides (MCT), which are a good type of fat. The components of MCT are Lauric Acid, Capric Acid, Caprylic Acid, Myristic Acid and Palmitic Acid. Coconut oil also contains about 2% of linoleic acid and 6% of oleic acid.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

Coconut oil for dogs has enormous benefits to his digestion. It also helps prevent infections and, if applied topically, can improve their coats. Other important benefits of coconut oil in dogs are:

  • Digestion improvement
  • Thyroid health
  • Skin health
  • Support of the immune system
  • Decreases dog odor
  • Reduces allergic reactions
  • Clears up eczema
  • Fights and prevents yeast and fungal infections

We recommend you to follow the guidelines for feeding your dog coconut oil.  As with pretty much anything, too much of it can be harmful.

What is in fish oil?

There are two components in fish oil that make it beneficial to your dog.  These are two essential fatty acids: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).   These two omega-3 fatty acids are hardly produced by your dog but are necessary for the dog to be healthy.

Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs

There are many benefits associated with fish oil for dogs.  These include:

  • EPA works to prevent any condition that causes inflammation of the heart, kidneys, joints, and skin.
  • Reduces shedding and promotes a healthy shiny coat.
  • Reduces itchy skin and dandruff.
  • Giving fish oil to pregnant or nursing dogs can benefit the newborn babies.

To provide enough of these omega-3 fatty acids to your dog, you can also feed him sardines in water or salmon.

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