The Delicious Corn Dog: origin and preparation

The Delicious Corn Dog

The Delicious Corn Dog

We do know why the corn dog is called that. Basically, this is a hot dog wrapped in a cornmeal batter. Why is the hot dog called that? Short story: they resemble the Dachshund, so it probably just went down to that.


The creation of the corn dog is credited to newly arrived German Texan sausage makers. Apparently, they came up with the idea after their sausages were resisted by the public. However, the stick came later. Actually, the description of the 1929 patent of these sticks mentions sticking into some foods (sausages included), dipping it in a batter, and then frying them.

Now, who created the corn dog? That is debatable as there are many corn dog vendors who claim to have invented it.

Physical characteristics

The first thing that you notice about a corn dog is that is not a dog. Duh. Ok, the other thing you notice is that it is delicious. I mean, this is a sausage on cornmeal batter. This not-so-fancy meal is actually considered street food or fast food. So, our thoughts are that you would not take your wife to celebrate your wedding anniversary and eat a corn dog.

But you can find them at the park, on the street, or on your closest stand. There are several variations of the corn dog. Some of them include melted cheese between the hot dog and the breading.

Oh, and what about the corn brat? This replaces the hot dog with a bratwurst.


The preparation is pretty simple.  Simply pierce a hot dog lengthwise with a stick. Dip into the cornmeal, fry at about 390 °F, and enjoy.

Some restaurants only serve their corn dogs straight from the frying pan, given that it actually takes a little time to fry.  You can also find already prepared corn dogs in all supermarkets across North America. These are usually sold frozen just for you to thaw, fry again or brown in an oven.