Dog bed: some suggestions to choose the best

dog bed

How to choose the best dog bed for your friend

Choosing the right dog bed for your pooch is pretty important as this will be part of this comfortable area. There are many aspects about it that you need to consider. For example, from experience, we can say that one must be careful with the quality of dog bed or puppy.

Depending on how well-trained a puppy is, which we do not expect to be superb, most probably this bed will end up shattered in pieces. Now, how can you choose the best bed for your dog? Consider the following.

Measure your dog before hitting the store

When you get to the pet store to look for a dog bed, do not try to guess. The ideal thing to do is to measure your dog from head to tail.  Ideally, this is the minimum length that the bed must have. Make sure to allow some space for your dog to stretch without having to touch the cold floor.

One important word: washable

The next thing you should look at is the washing instructions. It is very important that the bed can be washed. Small dog beds are very easy to wash and can be placed in the washing machine. Now, for larger dogs, this can be a bit more complicated. You will most probably have to do some hand-washing.

Ideally, your dog bed should be once twice a month, to make sure there is no accumulation of fleas or ticks.

Know what your dog’s needs are

Is your dog young? Is he old? Does he suffer any condition? Heavier dogs will appreciate a thicker bed. If the bottom is not thick enough, the weight of the dog himself will push the foam strongly against the floor, making it feel uncomfortable.

If you have an anxious dog, you might want to consider a  bed that allows him to securely get cozy. Other anxious dogs might prefer a bed with simply a pillow to put their head on.

Think about if your dog has arthritis, or is too old.

The space in your home

The space where you are planning on placing the bed is also important. Is it big enough? Or, does it match with my curtains?

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