Dog breeds: the Mutt dog characteristics and behavior

The Mutt dog, also known as a mongrel, or as many prefer it, a mixed-breed dog, is one that does not belong to any recognized breed.

The Mutt dog, also known as a mongrel, or as many prefer it, a mixed-breed dog, is one that does not belong to any recognized breed and has not had any human intervention.  There is no description or standard to a mutt so they are available in all colors, shapes, sizes, etc.

They excel at those things that purebred dogs lack.  However, their loyalty and desire to please remain intact and testify of the sweet nature of a dog with a pure gene pool.


Back in the days, before men interfered with his preferences on dog breeds, these animals were very similar in size and nature.  They were medium sized and with a short and brown coat.

Today’s Mutt dogs have a lineage that is hard to trace due to them being descended from these early non-breed dogs. However, some of them are truly mixed breeds.

Physical characteristics

According to estimates, mutts are in a number similar to 150 million specimens.  Due to their high variability, their physical characteristics will depend on his parents.  So you basically get a palette of traits that come from any two dogs “falling” for each other and having puppies.


There is no way to pinpoint a characteristic personality trait in a Mutt dog.  They can be as unpredictable in personality as humans.  Their personality will be affected by several factors such as training, heredity, and socialization.

You never know what to expect from a mutt dog, except something that cannot be compared to any standard and unique.

Caring for a Mutt dog

If you are an expert in dog care, you should have no problem in taking care of a mutt.  As you know, dogs need plenty of water, food, and exercise.

Mutts usually require 30 minutes to 1 hour time of exercise and walking. Mental stimulation is also important to keep him stimulated. Just like any dog, they enjoy being around you so make sure you spend time with him.


The level of training will vary among specimens as well.  You might need to train him in obedience in some cases or simply play with him and teach simple commands such as sit.


Generally, mixed-bred dogs are considered healthier than their purebred counterparts.  This is because they originate from a much broader gene pool.  However, you cannot assume that this dog will be the healthiest dog in the world.  It could be a good idea to find out what his closest ancestors are in order to try to predict what afflictions might affect him.

Fun facts

  • You need to accept your mutt just the way he is.  Do not expect him to behave in a certain way just because he resembles one you had when you were a kid.  Just love him and he will love you back.

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