Dog stories: dogs for adoption, which one is the best?

There are many dogs for adoption out there waiting to be taken to a loving home. If you are planning on getting one, please plan to commit responsibly.

Very few things bring joy as when you adopt a pet. Now, there are obviously many things to take into account if you are planning on bringing in a pooch to the family.  First, make sure that all members of the family agree with the new member.  The truth is that in order for you to get any of those dogs for adoption and commit to really care for him, you must be a dog lover.

If you are only getting a domestic dog for the mere purpose of putting him to work with no emotional consideration, then a dog is probably not the best for you.  It is best for you to get well informed about the implications of getting one.  In Dogalize you can find tons of data and tips to chew on before you decide.

The best dogs for adoption

The majority of people would rather adopt a puppy instead of an adult dog.  There are several reasons for this:

  • A puppy is like a new car, you can easily adapt him to your own taste.
  • An adult dog, on the other hand, is seen (especially by young adults) like a used car.
  • Usually, adult dogs in shelters are there because they were abandoned.  The reason for abandonment is usually some special need or genetic defect.  In other words, they do not look that pretty anymore.

So, to answer the question of which are the best dogs for adoption, the answer is the ones that need it the most. When you hit the shelter, don´t go for looks only.  Get to know the story of as many pups as you can and check which one resonates best with you.

Why do you want to adopt a dog?

To help you answer your question, let me get back to the initial statement of being a dog lover.  I believe there are two types of dog owners (Of course, there are probably more.):

  • Owners who prefer dogs for exhibition or mostly for decoration.  These owners are most likely to find a pet store and look for the prettiest one to take home.  This pet will probably go as a gift to a little kid that has promised to commit to taking care of him.  Or he might wind up inside a socialite’s purse as long as he fits in, time after which he might be disposed of.
  • Owners who go for saving a life rather than having a beautiful pooch to display.  These people will not discriminate between a breed dog and a mutt.  As long as they can share their love with a pooch and get it back, it makes no difference to them.  These are more likely to go to a shelter and feel more empathy towards a dog that has been abused or is in real need of love.  These are the dog lovers.

Decide which group you belong to.  This will help you better decide which is the dog that best connects with you.  Don´t forget that here in Dogalize we have information on adoption centers and dogs for adoption.  Visit us or contact us if you are in the look for your next cute ball of fur.