Dog toys your pet will actually enjoy: which toys do dogs prefer?

Dog toys your pet will actually enjoy

Dog toys your pet will actually enjoy

Admit it. Every time you enter a pet store, your eyes shine with glee looking at all the dog toys assortments. You just wished you could take all of them and give your dog the time of their life. Today we want to mention some pretty interesting toys you can get for your best friend.

The purpose of toys

You might think of a toy as simply a ludic device to entertain your dog. But the truth is that they actually serve a purpose. For example, rubber toys help teething puppies to soothe. Dog toys also promote playing which is good for the dog´s overall health. Other benefits of dog toys are that they stimulate a dog´s mind, promote dental health, and reduce problem behavior from boredom or excess energy.

Dog toys for chewing

If you want to keep them busy with chewing, hit the store and get them some chewing bones. Some of these chewing toys are actually edible.  This provides a good reward after performing the chewing exercises. Sometimes, dog toys for chewing also provide jaw exercising and it provides relief to teething puppies.

Dog toys to fetch

When you buy your dog toys to fetch, keep in mind that you will need to help. What else will the dog fetch anything for? Just try to imagine your dog´s excitement when he is getting stuff for you, his master. There are many types of toys for fetching that you could get. These types of toys include balls, sticks, rings, flying rings, and frisbees.

Rope & Tug

Dogs love ropes. Some of them really enjoy playing tug-o-war with you or another dog. Just be careful with puppies not to pull too hard or in the case of some breeds, these types of games might not be a good idea. There are so many options of ropes that you can check out.


Ah, we love a tender plush and so do dogs. They definitively enjoy these toys and having a couple could be a good idea. You can even use these ones for fetching and pulling as well.

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