Cartoon dog: some simple steps to draw it

How to draw a cartoon dog

Easy and fun: cartoon dog

Show your passion for dogs by drawing cute cartoons of them. It is really fun to draw a cartoon dog since the one thing that we love about cartoons is that hyperbolizes some distinct physical traits of the model. Today we will take a look at some ways in which you can make your own cartoon dog.

Because we love them

Basically, this is why we would venture into drawing a cartoon dog. It is not that hard. Not a problem at all if you have any drawing experience. Once you have practiced enough, you maybe want to try making a cartoon dog of your own pooch.

Keep in mind that, if this is the case, you must be patient as the model will not remain static for a second.

How to draw a cartoon dog

Steps to draw a sitting cartoon:

  • Draw a big circle and two smaller circles overlapping this big one.
  • Next, draw two slightly curved lines down from the smaller circles.
  • Draw the paws by sketching a horizontal line at the bottom and drawing two semicircles in the front and two to the sides (to represent hind paws).
  • On the top of each semicircle drawn for the back, draw another semi-circle. You can add a tail here.
  • The face will be sketched using the three circles. Add pointed ears on each side.
  • On the face, draw two circles to represent the eyes, two curved lines on top to represent the eyebrows, and one oblong circle to represent the nose.
  • Sketch the front legs with two parallel lines coming from front paws.
  • Draw small lines on the semi-circle to represent the paws.
  • Make some shading on the eyes and leave a white circle inside.
  • You might want to color it.

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