Famous cats: discover here Pete the Cat!

Pete the Cat is an American illustrated book, with pictures from James Dean and text and music from Eric Litwin. It was published first in 2008.

If by any chance your cat is called Pete, then he is namesake to Pete the Cat from the picture book illustrated by James Dean.  This American children book features text and music by Eric Litwin.  Self-published in 2008, with an audio recording, Harper Collins took over the publication in 2010.

Who is Pete the Cat?

I love my White Shoes is the first book from the Pete the Cat series picture books.  But not only are there picture books about Pete the Cat.  You can also find song book, storybooks, and some of the books are in electronic format.

The original idea of the white shoes tells the story of a cat wearing white shoes that get stains from everywhere but the cat tries not to lose his cool.  The song sings about the different colors his shoes turn, going from “I Love my White Shoes” to ” I Love my Blue Shoes” or “I Love my Red Shoes”.

Other titles in the picture books include titles such as “Rocking in my School Shoes”, “Pete the Cat and the New Guy”, and “Pete the Cat and the Cool Cat Boogie”, which is the most recent.

A YouTube video featuring a meme where two girls were reading the first book was noted by Harper Collins, who took the publication of the book in 2010.  Before this, it had sold 7,000 copies in 10 months.  It rose to #8 in the New York Times Best Seller list for picture books.

About the author and the illustrator

James Dean is a cat lover and he passes on that love to what he does.  His first published book for adults was in 2006.  Pete the Cat:  I love my White Shoes was his first published book for children in 2008.  Side by side to his wife, they dedicate their lives to the magic of Pete.

Eric Litwin is a musician.  He is a public performer and has two award-winning children CDs.

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