Happy Dog: how to identify if he’s happy

happy dog

How to identify an happy dog

In Dogalize we always promote you caring for your pet in order to have a healthy and happy dog. Today, we will go over what are the main characteristics of a happy dog. We will also make sure that you learn how to have one.

A dog that is well taken care of will definitively be one that will live many years. First, let’s go over what are the main characteristics of a happy dog and they we will go through simple ways in which you can have one.

Characteristics of a happy dog

Obviously, a dog will not be able to tell you if he is happy or not. You will probably not even see it on his face. So, how can you tell a dog is actually a happy one?

It is important for you to be able to identify when your dog is happy to contrast when he is not. Our pooches have many ways of showing their emotions through their body language.

The most typical signs of happiness are a waggy tail, perky ears, slurpy kisses, and bright eyes. When dogs are happy, they seem to wiggle their entire body when you come inside the door. His excitement will make him jump towards you. Educate him properly to show manners even when he is super happy.

High-pitched barking and back and forth pacing in front of you are indications of a dog that is eager to go out for a walk with you or wants to have some fun play time.

Also, a happy dog will roll and put his belly up to show you he trusts you.  Of course, some belly rubs are more than expected. He will bump you, lick on you, or puts his muzzle close to you as to tell you he wants to be with you.

How can you have a happy dog

We believe the key word here is love. Simply put, there are actually very few things that can make your dog sad. As long as you are there, he will always enjoy that you are his owner and that there is nothing in the world that will separate him from you.

But, do you want to make your dog happier? Try these simple actions:

  • Play with your dog every day.
  • Buy him a pool.
  • Give him toys to destroy.
  • Give him a job to do.  Simple tasks will do as you do them along with him.
  • Play hide and seek.  Just make sure your dog stays still while you go and hide.
  • Make him a popsicle.
  • Tell him how much you love him and pet him profusely.
  • Play him some dog music.

In Dogalize we have many resources to keep your dog happy. Remember that a happy dog is a healthy one that will stay with your for as many years as possible. Cherish and love him during all his life. He deserves it.