Be a hero and rescue dogs! Adopt, don’t shop!

There are many ways to care for and rescue dogs. If you cannot have one at home forever, you can foster a dog or sponsor one while he is in a shelter.

I have heard it many times.  Many people wishing they could adopt and rescue dogs.  Rescue as many as they would find stray on the streets.  This is the true nature of a dog lover.  We actually value life in all its forms.  Dogs provide, though, that special spark of a sweet companion and loyal friend.

Why dogs need rescue

For whatever reasons in the past, but like way in the past, humans saw that some animals could be domesticated and put to the service of men.  In exchange, humans would feed and shelter them, eliminating their need for hunting and burrowing.  It went on through the ages and besides horses, cows, chicken, hen, goats, and lambs, dogs were also taught to develop a bond with humans.

Bred for work, as a companion, or as service dogs, they now have an important place in most homes and hearts.  The process of domestication has made these creatures human-driven, with very few exceptions.  Whenever these needs are not met or he is abandoned, the pooch becomes a homeless pet in risk.

An abandoned dog will still have the instinct of hunting for his own food but the concrete jungle does not provide game.  This is why it is important to rescue dogs in danger and abandoned.  They cannot do it by themselves.

Ways to rescue dogs

Adopting is not the only way to rescue dogs. It is an ideal way since dogs need to get a home as soon as possible.  Some dog breeds cannot cope with loneliness too well and can become depressed and frustrated.  Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Become a foster parent.  Provide a temporary home for dogs that need it.  Sometimes dogs cannot be in a shelter waiting for adoption.  Sometimes they are too young to be given up and need special care.  Or, maybe this dog just went out of surgery, or he needs to be socialized. Either way, you can be the difference in the life of this dog before he gets rehomed.  Warning: The pup’s love might make you want to keep it.
  • Sponsor a dog.  You just need to search on your Facebook for organizations requesting sponsorship for a dog or donations.  You can own a pet without having him at home with a monthly fee.  Depending on their policy, helters will allow you to visit the dog you are sponsoring.  Warning: The pup’s love might make you want to keep it.

Love your dog as much as you can.  You will have more pets to love during your lifetime but you will be his only companion and friend for his lifetime.  In Dogalize we can help you with tips and tricks on how to be the owner your dog deserves.