What you should know about Dog DNA Test?

Testing your dog´s DNA today is actually pretty easy to do and not as expensive as you might think. A dog DNA test can be very useful.

A Dog DNA test company founded in 2008 spurred owner´s curiosity on what the ancestry of their dog might be.  Testing your dog´s DNA today is actually pretty easy and not as expensive as you might think.  Especially if you have a mixed dog breed, you might find that testing your dog´s DNA can be useful.  If you have a purebred, getting a dog DNA test might merely help you realize if you got what you bargained for.

The accuracy of the tests

The point here is quite simple.  In order to test your mutt´s DNA, you must send a sample to the lab, usually via mail.  This sample is mostly epithelial tissue from your dog´s mouth.  The more expensive ones will require blood and you to visit a clinic.

Generally, the more breeds a company has in their database, the more reliable the results will be.  In other words, if the dog is the result of many mixed breeding, the test might be unable to identify all the tiny contributions of these breeds.  Now, if the dog has a parent or grandparent that was a purebred, the results are highly accurate.

The cost

Once again, if the company running the dog DNA test has an extensive database, it will be expensive.  Wisdom Panel is one of such companies that tests a dog DNA against a database of 117 breeds.  Their price is $84.99 for a kit.

DDC Veterinary is a veterinarian office for dog DNA testing, plus other species of animals, such as cats and horses.  They basically apply the Wisdom Panel testing kit.

Should you go for a Dog DNA test?

If you decide to test your dog´s DNA, these results can prove pretty valuable to you.  Once you know you mutt´s ancestry, you can take those results to the veterinarian to discuss what are the potential health issues your dog might be facing.  This wise move can save the life of your dog through prevention.

The other good reason for taking a dog DNA test is to know what the size of your dog will be.  Or if the dog is going to be more of a Terrier type and will be digging your yard, for instance.

Either you wind up with a perky, energetic, and annoying dog, or a couch potato with no regards for anything, here in Dogalize we are sure you will love him unconditionally.  There is no doubt that your dog will give you all his love in return.  Visit us to learn great tips and tricks on how to better care for him.