Largest dog breeds: discover the 7 largest breeds

largest dog breeds

7 of the world’s largest dog breeds

For centuries, humans have cross-bred dogs in the hopes of perfecting their skills. Size has been a sought-after trait to help them fulfill the jobs they were trained for. The difference between the largest dog breeds and the smallest one is astonishing.

Out of the world´s largest dog breeds, we have selected the top 7. This is the countdown for the largest of the largest.

7. Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard is a very well known largest dog breed. It was developed in the Swiss Alps as a rescue dog. These dogs stand at 25 to 30 inches tall and can weigh from 140 to 180 pounds.

6. English Mastiff

When it comes to weight, the English Mastiffs are the kings. They hold the record of being the heaviest dog breed. While they stand at around 30 inches, their average weight is 250 pounds. The record is 340 lb and belongs to an English Mastiff called Aicama Zorba.

5.  Newfoundland

Fishermen created the Newfoundland to help them catch fish. This is a working dog that has the personality of a great family dog. These dogs are 27 to 30 inches tall and weigh an average of 150 pounds.

4. Dogue de Bordeaux

The massive Dogue de Bordeaux dog may not be in the first three places on our list of largest dog breed but they do hold the record of having the largest head in relation to their bodies. These massive dogs stand at 23 to 27 inches tall. Their weight is between 125 and 150 pounds.

3. Scottish Deerhound

These dogs look like the Greyhound but larger and heavier. The lanky body of these dogs can stand as tall as 32 inches and weigh as much as 110 pounds. This dog originated in Scotland many years ago.

2. Neapolitan Mastiff

These massive mutts are one of the heaviest muscular dog breeds. These great guard dogs can stand at 26 to 31 inches and weigh 130 to 155 pounds. Original from southern Italy, the Neapolitan Mastiff is usually very quiet. We recommend them for owners versed in training and with the necessary time to socialize them.

1. Great Dane

The Great Dane might not be the heaviest but he certainly is the tallest dog breed. This widely-known dog is of German origin and is a truly loving dog. Their height is usually between 28 to 31 inches and they have an average weight of 100 to 120 pounds.

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