Music for Cats: the Science behind the Songs

Music for Cats

Music for Cats

Music for Cats is a musical album created by composer David Teie. It includes a list of 13 songs designed specifically for cats. Composer Teie based the music on scientific research. The album, released in 2016 at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in Shoreditch, contains songs created for the enjoyment of cats.

The Science behind the Songs

The songs contained in Music for Cats, the composer claims, are capable of eliciting positive reactions in the 77 percent of cats that heard them. These results had been published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science.

David Teie released the book Human Music, where he explained why and how music affects us. Basically, he states that the reason why we a like certain type of music obeys to the sounds we heard when our brains were developing. For example, he says, it´s because we heard our mom’s heartbeat when inside the womb that we like drum beats in our music.

So Teie reflected, if he could evoke such emotions with music by figuring out what sounds they hear when their brain is developing, he could create music perfect for them.  His first project was music for monkeys.

The songs contain sounds designed for the enjoyment of cats. They include a series of whirring and squeaky musical tracks designed for their ears and brains.


To test his theory, once the music was composed, a copy of Music for Cats was sent to famous cats. City the Kitty (@citythekitty) reacted pretty relaxedly at the sound of it. Bacon (@baconcup) was placed between two headphones and reacted lying down peacefully to the sound. Nala (@nala_cat) seemed to enjoy the sound coming from the speakers and eventually went to sleep.

The composer

David Teie was born in an extensive family of musicians. He was a member of the National Symphony Orchestra, where he has given eight cello solo performances.  His research and work has been published by the Royal Society in Biology Letters and by Oxford University Press in Evolution of Emotional Communication.

This is certainly one way of caring for your cat, having them listen to music.  Here in Dogalize we have other ways to keep your cat happy and healthy. Visit us to learn more.