Pinscher dogs: let’s discover the Pinschers breeds

Pinscher dogs

Pinscher dogs

A Pinscher dog is a type of dog that was developed as a ratter on farms and as guardian dogs and fighters. Today, they are mostly kept in homes as pets. Read below the officially registered breeds of this family.

  • Doberman Pinscher

Country of Origin: Germany

AKC Official Recognition: 1908

AKC Group: Working group

Personality:  Alert, loyal, friendly, and highly trainable.

  • Miniature Pinscher

Country of Origin: Germany

AKC Official Recognition: 1925

AKC Group: Toy group

Personality: Fearless, proud, and fun-loving.

  • German Pinscher

Country of Origin:  Germany

AKC Official Recognition: 2003

AKC Group: Working group

Personality: Intelligent, courageous, and vivacious.

  • Danish-Swedish Farmdog

Country of Origin: Sweden

AKC Official Recognition:  Recorded in the Foundation Stock Service in 2011.

AKC Group:  Working group

Personality: Friendly and easygoing.

  • Affenpinscher

Country of Origin: Central Europe

Popularity:  149

AKC Official Recognition: 1936

AKC Group:  Toy group

Personality: Famously funny, confident, fearless, curious, and loyal.

  • Austrian Pinscher

Country of Origin: Austria

Personality:  He is often described as a playful and pleasant companion.

  • Harlequin Pinscher

Country of Origin:  Germany

Personality:  Alert, inquisitive, fearless.


There are very few specimens even today but there is a group of Miniature Pinschers breeders that are fighting to keep him alive. The Federation Cynologique Internationale considers it an extinct breed and therefore removed it from their list.

There probably are some other Pinschers breeds that are not officially recognized as such.  Official registration of a breed is a long process that takes time to prove it is a purebred.  Besides this, there are many kennel clubs, sport clubs, and registries and business where a dog can be registered by any name the owner or developer wishes.

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