Best dog breed: which is the best one for me?

best dog breed

How do I select the best dog breed for me

So you want a dog to hug and care for? That is great news. There are so many out there that you cannot stop to wonder which is the best dog breed for you. We will assume that you are well aware of the great responsibility of bringing in a dog.

Now, sometimes you find yourself bringing in a pooch that you cannot really handle. This brings a serious problem to the dog since when owners cannot simply deal with it, they return the dog to the shelter, completely crushing the dog´s heart which cannot understand why he was abandoned by those he loves.

So, to avoid such inconvenience, consider the following things before selecting the best dog breed for you.


The first question you should ask yourself is what dog size are you willing to take care of. But sometimes it is not just about what you want but what you can provide. Before selecting breed size, take into account if you live in a large house or an apartment. Needless to say, large working dog are not suited for apartment life. Also, a bigger dog requires more expense in food, bed, crate, and pretty much everything.


Some dog breeds are more energetic than others. Basically, decide if you want a sprinter to play and run with, a jogger that will join you outdoors, or a couch potato that will just lift his eyes to see you exercise and decide that going outside with you is not worth it.

Your time

This is probably the most important factor to take into consideration before choosing your breed. Most dog breeds require time from you. You should take the time to:

  • Take him for walks. Some dog breeds only need one short walk but other require at least one hour daily.
  • Play with him. The more energetic dogs need exercise otherwise they will become destructive.
  • Train him. If you do not have time for this and still decide to bring in a dog, you might as well bring a wild dog, it will make no difference. Plus, some dogs are more easily trained than others.
  • Groom him. Think of the type of coat you can take care of.
  • Veterinary visits. These can get pretty long.

Personality of the breed

Mostly you should decide if you want one that never leaves your side or one that will receive you when you come but also have some alone time. Or maybe you are just looking for a companion.

Other pets

Some dog breeds do best when they are socialized with other dogs while others will just not do if there is another pet present in the house. You might want to avoid the conflict.


If you are looking for a guard dog, consider a dog breed that is a natural hound or even sheepdog. They might not all be willing to fend off intruders but some will at least warn you and give you the chance to call 911.

Here in Dogalize we have everything you need to know to better care of your new dog. Visit us and become the best pet owner you can be.