Service dog vests: find the most stylish service dog vest

Service dog vests

Service dog vests

As you already know, there are several breeds of dogs that are trained as service dogs. Service can be various: we can go from a police-trained dog to another puppy that helps blind people. They can help veterans and sick people or simply be a huge emotional help. However we find a common ground: in order to be a service dog, our little helper needs a proper service dog vest.

The importance of a service dog vest

Service dog vests are important accessories for every kind of service dog. They should be comfortable and high quality products in order not to harm the dog. These vests are different both in colors and designs. There is nothing wrong with having a stylish pet and show off that he is a service dog.

Commercial service dog vests and kits also include IDs and name tags. It is important for a service dog to be registered as such. If you have a service dog working with you, we recommend you make him wear a service dog vest. This is a polite way of saying “this is a working dog” or “do not pet”.

Find the most stylish service dog vest

Not only must a service dog vest be functional but they can also be stylish. Provide a vest that fits your dog not too tight but not too snuggly. In some cases, you might need to train your dog to get used to it. But that should not really be a problem since these dogs are trained for that and more.

Some stores include service dog kits that include an ID card for your dog and an identification tag. Your dog will surely look at his best with a nice service dog vest.

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