Kitty cat, suggestions to take care of him

kitty cat

Kitty cat

It is great that you have decided to take in a kitty cat. These carnivore little friends make great companions and can surely make your day happier. A lot more often than not, however, I found cat owners that seem to regret them bringing a cat home.

Unfortunately, these families have to get rid of their cat since they have decided they cannot keep him anymore. So, before you bring in one yourself, let´s go over some abilities (at the loss for another word) that you should have before bringing in a new cat home.

Can you take care of a kitty cat?

Let us start with what your personality must be like. Because, you see, wanting to have a cat is not enough. Now, you should not bring in a cat if you:

  • Love your furniture. They will scratch that and more.
  • Need to get things done. A kitty cat will get in the middle of you doing anything.
  • Love your privacy. Your cat will watch you pee, shower.  Too creepy?
  • Like to think you own anything. Please, a cat owns you.
  • Hate to see animals sleeping and doing nothing. Cats are expert sleepers. Oh, and eaters too. Did we mention poopers? Repeat!
  • Hate cat hair, or any type of fur, for that matter.
  • Love your sleep because cats don’t sleep when you do.

Bring in a kitty cat if you can take care of him

Now, let´s talk about how well prepared you are for a cute kitty cat.  Bring in a feline home if you:

  • Are financially ready for a cat. Although they might not be as high-maintenance as a dog, they still require some expenses from your end.
  • Love to socialize. Despite their reputation, cats actually love to be around their owner. It’s just that they also like their own space sometimes.
  • Are committed to creating a cat-friendly home. Think of scratching posts, puzzles, and cat trees.
  • Have time to exercise your cat.
  • Are willing to keep a long-term promise. Your cat will live for at least 15 to 20 years.

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