Brittany Dog – One with birds on his mind

brittany dog

The Brittany Dog

The Brittany Dog was originally bred as a gundog. This great companion is also a hunter that will walk along with his owner.


The Brittany Dog originated in the French island of the same name around AD 150. The events that led to the development of this dog as we know is bizarre and early written records are confusing.

One thing to note though is the common ancestry with the Welsh Springer Spaniel, who shares many characteristics with the Brittany Dog.

The first records we have of this dog go to paintings and tapestries from the 17th century. The AKC recognized it a breed in 1934.

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Physical characteristics

This medium-sized dog is compact and leggy. He is also of great agility with tremendous strength and vigor. They are 17 to 20 inches tall and can weigh from 30 to 40 pounds.


This pointed breed is, of course, curious and independent, given his hunting origins. They enjoy playing with their families, but once a bird is spotted, the Brittany dog can be single-minded.

This strong dog is not only energetic, but he is also very smart. It is important that you stimulate him both ways.

Caring for a Brittany Dog

These dogs are at the top in the energy scale. They will be active both indoors and outdoors. So, it is best for them to be put on a large backyard where they can run around and vent. The puppies are very destructive of things they are supposed to take care of.

Adults can also grow to be destructive if they are not trained properly. They need at least one hour of daily exercise. They do not enjoy being alone for a too long time.


One very important aspect you need to consider is that the Brittany Dog loves open spaces. Put her in an open space all right, but train her to come to you when you order it.

Training should be consistent and with a firm hand. They do not respond well to harsh treatment.

Fun Facts

  • The AKC first registered the breed as Brittany Spaniel but was later changed to only Brittany in 1982.
  • Their great pointing ability made them pretty popular in the United States.
  • They are pretty friendly and love children. However, he could accidentally knock down a toddler due to his energy and enthusiasm.

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