Cat girl – The obsession of many fantasy writers

cat girl

Who is a Cat girl?

A cat girl is any female character that has one or more traits of a cat. It could be the ears, the cat tail, or any other feline trait that distinguishes this girl. Even though cat girls are found in several fiction genres, they hold a special position in Japanese anime and manga.

The history of Cat Girl

In Japanese anime and manga, cat girls have been known as neko (cat) or nekomimi (cat ears). But the featuring of cat girls in manga and anime goes way back to the 1920s. Japanese author Kenji Miyazawa created a story featuring a beautiful, cat-eared woman.

Author Mitsuyo Seo created the first anime involving cat girl in 1949. The King’s Tail involved several cat girl in its plot.

The Star of Cottonland (Wata no Kuni Hoshi) was a 1978 series that made cat girls popular in the Japanese media.

A cat girl everywhere

All over the place, not only in Japan, stories of heroes feature a cat girl within their plot. It seems like we are obsessed with the fictional character. DC Comics, for instance, features Catwoman and Cheetah, created around the 1940s.

There are so many cat girls in fiction out there that it is beyond our scope to name them all. But this gives us an indication that exploring anthropomorphic traits in a cat combined with beautiful girls is like a fantasy.


The first obvious thing that you notice from cat girls is that they usually have cat ears. This element is almost fundamental since it is the one thing that would distinguish them from humans at first sight.

Another important aspect is that the face never looks feline, at least in most of the cases. This would probably affect the “sex appeal” drive that most of these characters have. These cat girls act cat-like and they are really good at being super sexy and cute.

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