Cat life expectancy: how long do cats live?

cat life expectancy

What’s a cat life expectancy?

This is a common question that veterinarians get to hear pretty much on a daily basis. When you read the title of this post, you came not asking yourself “What’s a cat life expectancy?”, but instead, you came here to find out how long will YOUR cat live.

Experience and data have allowed us to make an approximation of what the lifespan of a cat is. Of course, not even the veterinarian can tell you how long will your cat live, especially given that this depends on several factors. At the end, we can provide you with a close approximation of how much time can you expect your furry friend to be around.

How long do cats live in the wild?

It stands to reason that cats that live in the wild tend to live less than their domestic counterparts. Given that aging depends on important factors such as food and comfort, it is easy to deduce that a cat that has to fight for his own food will not live too long.

A domestic cat will live an average of 10 to 15 years. This will all depend on how well you take care of him. On the other hand, a feral cat will live an approximate 3 years in the wild, which is a significantly short life.

How long do cats live: outdoors vs indoors

As stated before, the amount of time your cat can live will depend on how well taken care of he is. If a cat spends most of his life outdoors and by himself, his life expectancy is around 7 years. A cat living indoors with their family will live around 14 years or more.

The record oldest cat recorded lived about 28 years, which is pretty old for a cat. As you can see, a cat that is well fed, stimulated, and sheltered will live on for a wild.

Keep your cat in good shape

It is important that you keep your cat in good shape and with the proper alimentation.

  • Take him to periodic visits to the veterinarian.
  • Observe any small changes in his mood or physical activity.
  • Keep his vaccinations checked.
  • Provide a balanced diet.

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