Cat makeup: here are some amazing ideas

cat makeup

Amazing cat makeup ideas

We are probably not even close to Halloween but we can already start practicing our best cat makeup for when the time comes. We now bring you some great ideas in the art of making yourself look like your best companion.

Because it is all about showing off that feline in you. From selecting the best makeup to stroking the best face brush, a really good cat makeup will make you stand off from the crowd.

Where to start?

Expert makeup artists recommend you to start with a tinted moisturizer base. On the middle of your face, apply a white cream liner or shadow. This movement should be done starting above the nose bridge and going down the chin. To the eyes, you can apply a bronzer or even use some light brown powder.

Some Ideas

Here are some quick ideas of cat makeup you can try:

  • Simple cat. Just braid your hair to make the cat ears, draw the whiskers with a black pencil as well as a black shadow along the line between nostrils and nose tip. Add three dots on either side of the upper lip and you got yourself a minimalistic makeup.
  • You can try a pretty Kitty cat by adding a bit more makeup. This time, add some eyeliner to dip the wing of the inner corner of the eye.
  • The leopard makeup might seem hard to do but it is actually pretty easy. Do the same as with the cat but add leopard dots all over your face.

Some famous cats you can try

Since this is a Halloween party or a costume party, you can try using cat makeup to make you look like a famous cat.

Some famous cats you can try disguising as could be the Grumpy Cat by adding a darker base on either side of the nose. Then, all you will need is the grumpy expression.

If you are feeling adventurous you can also try the Cheshire Cat and go trick-or-treating with Alice.

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